Art Pro Mpa Ii 2 Kanal Vorverstärker
Art Pro Mpa Ii 2 Kanal Vorverstärker

I am using SE , Shure and AKG microphones and in every instance I can hear the improvement in audio capture . The ART Pro MPA II is the the biggest of pre on the list . This is the preamp I ended up choosing. I didn't really expect to like it so much, because it is the cheapest on this list, but it is amazing.

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  • Simply checkout the Financing page located in the Resources section at the bottom of the page.
  • I just copped a ADK Vienna Mk8, for less than 2 hundred, and i have no phantom power supply so i can't even use it until i get a preamp..
  • Beef up individual tracks, or link the ART Pro VLA II's two channels in stereo.
  • After plunging into the external pre amp and compressor world I realized recently that my awesome Behringer Uphoria 404HD may not be set up to work with them.
  • My PC is totally silent, no fan, no disc rotation, so it’s very quiet in the room..

This is a special order item that is considered oversized and heavy by all shipping carriers and will most likely be delivered via a freight truck. Updated Nov 08, 2021 | by Hollagully Are you a home studio musician in search for the best vocal... We are using Google Analytics in order to better understand the use that our visitors make of our website in an attempt to improve it. When this parameter is activated, no personal information is sent to Google and the IP addresses are anonymized. Lastly but not least, is the Plate Voltage switch. It will give you shimmering highs that for female vocals works wonders.

Neumann Tlm 102 Studio Microphone

Imagine the picture you keep seeing of this unit in the add with these warmly lit VU meters and see one of them pale white or not lit in a studio that is lit for mood and invites creativity. Btw it costs 20.00 to replace these cheep little buggers! Let's face it the reason we buy this gear is for it's appearance, right? Reason for this review the VU lights are out again and this thing is going on E-Bay. I've had the unit for about 4 years and problems began in just 3 months.

Art Pro Mpa Ii Two Channel Mic Preamp Tested W

Two mics are used, and three outputs are gathered. To really function as a M/S Matrix there's two inputs and three outputs. The figure 8's normal phase is used on one output, that signal is then doubled, the phase reversed and then sent to the second output. The cardioid or omni is the 3rd and final output.

Sorry but this has to do with that last comment. …so i’m using a rodes condensor vocal mic which goes into my preamp which is an xlr to xlr in the mic input. Then from the preamp out, i’ve been using a an xlr to xlr going into a focusrite interface which has an input that is both an xlr AND 1/4″ TRS connection in one.

Art Pro Mpa Ii Two Channel Mic Preamp

Additional high-Z 1/4-inch inputs make the MPA Gold and Digital MPA perfect high quality DI in studio or high profile live applications. I've also tried summing mixes through it. The tone it imparts on a FULL MIX is better than digital, but didn't blow me away. Once again, i believe that magic happens in the mix process more than what a piece of gear will impart. Also I seemed to have trouble getting a proper stereo image out of it for full mixes. On my unit the channels were not matched, even in stereo mode.

Klark Teknik Mic Booster Cm

Loaners Available - a loaner product may be given while the product is being repaired. Power Surge Protection - your product is covered even if damaged from a power surge. Accessory Coverage - any peripheral devices or accessories that come with your product (i.e. foot pedal, case) are also covered. Long & McQuade is a family-owned Canadian business that has been servicing the Canadian music industry for over 60 years.

Some manufacturers provide warranties for longer than 1 year; however, these are usually limited warranties that do not provide the same coverage as the Long & McQuade Performance Warranty. Customers interested in more complete and convenient coverage are still able to purchase additional years of the Performance Warranty. I'm not familiar with the whole word clock thing. Just wanted to make sure this is a normal occurrence and setting to the MPA's clock is the proper choice.